Have you considered a burglar alarm?

Posted on July 16th, 2014


When choosing a burglar alarm there several things you should consider.


The best type of alarm for your home depends on your personal preferences, budget, where you live, what your home is like and what level of protection you need.


A key consideration is what you would prefer to happen when your alarm goes off. Bells-only alarms make a noise, but do not contact anyone (such as the police or the homeowner). Speech diallers, a device built inside an alarm, automatically contacts you or other nominated friends and family when the alarm is triggered. Alternatively, you could get a monitoring contract, whereby you would pay a company monthly or annually to take action or call the police if the alarm goes off.


Wireless v Wired


Alarms can be either wired or wireless. Wireless alarms look nicer, are generally easier to install and can be removed more easily if you move house. They use battery-powered sensors that communicate with a control panel using radio signals.  While this type of alarm tends to be cheaper to install professionally the alarms themselves can be more expensive.


An additional benefit may be a reduction in your home insurance premiums.  We recommend contacting your insurance provider before making any decisions on which type of alarm to install.



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